What is HYDRA?

HYDRA is a collection of electrostatic analyzers designed for high resolution observations of electron and ion velocity distributions in the earth's polar magnetosphere. HYDRA, which is being flown on the POLAR spacecraft ( ISTP POLAR web site or GGS POLAR web site) as part of the Global Geospace Science (GGS) initiative, was designed and constructed by a consortium of institutions for the purpose of improving our understanding of the complex interactions of the polar magnetosphere with the solar wind and the ionosphere.

Scientific Objectives

The scientific goals of the HYDRA project fall into three categories:

These goals will be realized with the high time and phase space resolution possible with the HYDRA analyzers.

HYDRA Subsystems

Data Collection Strategies

Author: Pamela Puhl-Quinn
Created: May 15, 1997 by Pamela Puhl-Quinn
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